At the Woods

Platform for Indigenous Goods and Cultural Events

Explore the Fascinating Experience of Indigenous Culture

Native Wild Trading Post is nestled in the heart of beautiful Alberta, Canada. Located North West of Edmonton, in Yellowhead County, Ab. Surrounded by 16,000 acres of northern boreal forest. Our Mission is to bring an Authentic Indigenous experience that will forever be remembered. In 2010, Native Wild Trading Post was established and is a 100% indigenous owned and operated. We offer a multi-faceted platform that promotes indigenous communities and their work. We collaborate with schools and Indigenous families to improve our community and showcase our culture. We are proud to be an Indigenous Tourism and Travel Alberta destination.

Sharing Our Heritage

We want to create an immersive learning experience for those interested in the Indigenous culture land based teachings. That is why we provide interactive programs, Workshops, Retreats, Guided Tours, Events, Cultural Wedding Ceremonies and Accommodations. Engaging our audience with an authentic way of life.

Caring for the Land

Our organization is focused on sharing our land teachings. Today, we host several interactive workshops, tours, cerimonies educating visitors on how we live from our native land.

Indigenous Trading Post

We are an authentic 1800's style indigenous trading post that is a place for our community to come together to exchange goods for services as trading was traditionally done . We allow customers to provide suitable trading option, where they can offer authentic goods for other products in our store. Not only is it a place for trade, but also to show case creations made by the owner herself as well as other Indigenous artisans. The experiences are designed to leave you feeling grounded and a part of a healing journey.

Natural Beaver Trapper hats for women

Authentic Indigenous Products

Purchase an assortment of custom-made products designed by Indigenous people. Our catalogue lists handcrafted items such as Trapper Hats, Gauntlet Mitts, Moccasins, Mukluks, Yokes, Walking Staffs, Jewelry, Bags, Purses, Fur Blankets and more products created using authentic materials found in the wild.

A picture of yellow colored egg yolk shawl

Quality Guarantee

We believe in honouring what nature has provided. That is why all our products are made using quality materials Harvested from wilderness right here on our land. I personally  handpick the finest pelts, top-quality leather, and fur throughout the fall season. making sure the wildlife has been respected and taken humanely 

Rest easy knowing we provide authentic native products and goods that are made to last.

Discover More Today

For more information on our wares, workshops, and more, reach out to us here in Yellowhead, Alberta.