Showcasing Unique Aspects of Indigenous Culture

At Native Wild Trading Post Ltd., our focus is on bringing back our indigenous roots. That is why we offer insightful workshops focusing on the many fascinating aspects of our culture, traditions, and more.

Traditions and Ceremonies

Our indigenous people have a long list of teachings and ceremonies we strive to keep alive. By sharing our rituals for various aspects of life, we hope to inspire others in helping preserve our ways of cultural teachings and healing cerimonies.

Our Indigenous Elders

Hear fascinating stories about life as it was before. We offer interactive workshops that shed light on the old ways of our ancesters, Stay in our traditional tipi and experience the what once was.

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Practices for Good Harvest

Our people believe in taking care of the land that sustains our families. That is why we have meticulous practices on cultivating the land and ensuring good harvest for our community.

Join Our Workshops

For more information on our upcoming workshops, courses or retreats, reach out to us.